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The Tourist by Richard Streeton

The following Tourist history was commissioned by Ted Corbett and compiled by notes and original research by Dick Streeton, formerly of Reuters' and the Times. It is incomplete and Dick and the Website would be grateful for contributions by members who could amend, correct and update the original work via the bulletin board within the full members' area.


Australia and New Zealand 1946-47

Bruce Harris (Evening Standard) was the only survivor of pre-war press tours, having visited Australia in 1932-3 and 1936-7. He continued until his last tour in 1954-5. He was joined by E.W.Swanton (Daily Telegraph), Norman Preston (Pardons' Agency, who also covered for PA-Reuter and Wisden), Neville Cardus, who represented both the Times and the Manchester Guardian and, according to one source, was paid £500 by each, E.M.Wellings (Evening News, London), L.N.Bailey (Star, London, an evening newspaper with no connection to the Daily Star), Vivian Jenkins (News of the World), George Duckworth (for the Manchester-based Kemsley group), Vic Lewis, no relation to our current member (Daily Sketch), Charles Bray (Daily Herald), J.M.Kilburn (Yorkshire Post),John Kay (Manchester Evening News), Brian Sellers (Yorkshire Evening Post), Bill Bowes (Yorkshire Evening News).

Note: It was on this tour that the Cricket Writers' Club was founded -- see Alex Bannister's notes in the history of the Club.

West Indies 1947-48

Swanton, Preston and Bray were joined by Crawford White (News Chronicle) and Brian Chapman (Daily Express). The England team were afflicted by injuries and at one point both Swanton and White were standing by to play. The Times, the Manchester Guardian and the Mirror must have relied upon local correspondents and agency reports.


South Africa 1948-49

Swanton, White and Bray were joined by Alex Bannister (Daily Mail), Frank Rostron (Daily Express) while Kemsleys were represented by someone identified only from memory as "Hughes". John Arlott was there some of the tour, probably broadcasting, because he wrote a book and is also remembered for his response to the immigration form request to state his race. John wrote "Human".


Australia and New Zealand 1950-51

Swanton, Harris, Wellings, White, Bannister, Bray, Rostron, Kilburn. Bowes, Bailey, Kay, Cardus (for the Guardian only), were joined by Reg Hayter (Pardons'), Harry Ditton (News of the World), possibly John Bapty (Yorkshire Evening Post). Beau Vincent arrived for the Times but, according to Bannister, took a dislike to Australia and returned home on the same ship leaving R.C. Robertson-Glasgow (Observer) to cover for him. John Woodcock was in the press party and shot a film that was to prove immensely popular on the lecture circuit. John Kay's book reported that the press party numbered as many as 19 so some names (Margaret Hughes, Alan Fairfax, an Australian Test player working for the People) may yet be confirmed.


India, Pakistan and Ceylon ( Sri Lanka ) 1951-52

Leslie Smith (Pardons' for PA Reuter) and Edgar Turner (Kemsley).


West Indies 1953-54

Swanton, Hayter, Bray, White, Rostron, Ross Hall (Daily Mirror), Bannister and Peter Ditton (Express Syndications).


Australia and New Zealand 1954-55

Swanton, Harris, White, Wellings, Preston , Kay, Kilburn, Alan Ross (Observer), Ron Roberts (Hayters), and, in part, on the evidence of published books, Roy Webber, Denzil Batchelor, Arthur Gilliagn, Ian Peebles and Margaret Hughes.


England "A" to Pakistan 1955-56

Roberts and, later, after the umpire incident, White and Chapman.


South Africa 1956-57

Swanton, Woodcock, Leslie Smith, Eric Hill (free-lance), Ross, Bannister, White, Rex Alston and probably Harris and Wellings. Were the Mirror, Guardian and Herald not represented?


Australia 1958-59

Swanton, Woodcock, Bannister, Roberts, White, Peebles, Wellings Harris or John Clarke (Evening Standard), Kay, Gilligan, Brian Johnston and probably Denys Rowbotham (Guardian), Chapman (Mirror) and Harry Gee (PA-Reuter).


West Indies 1959-60

Leslie Smith, Swanton, Roberts, Woodcock, Ross, Peebles, Alston, White, Bannister, probably more.


New Zealand 1960-61

An "A" tour? No names known.


India , Pakistan and Ceylon 1961-62

Leslie Smith, Alex Bannister, probably Ron Roberts.

Australia and New Zealand 1962-63

Leslie Smith, Eric Hill, Swanton, Woodcock, Peebles, Ross, Clarke, Wellings, Kilburn Johnston, Ian Wooldridge (Daily Mail), Clive Taylor (Daily Herald), and probably Rowbotham and Chapman. There may have been a Birmingham Post representative. The Yorkshire Post and its Birmingham sister would stay open until 6a.m. for scores and have an edition on the streets two hours later.


India 1963-64

Woodcock, Wellings, Wooldridge, Taylor and Henry Blofeld (Guardian), Michael Melford (Telegraph), Ian Todd (Hayters). Dicky Rutnagur represented an Indian newspaper.


South Africa 1964-65

Swanton, Woodcock, possibly Melford (Sunday Telegraph), Taylor, Wooldridge, White, Ross, Johnston, Basil Easterbrook (Thomson's), Wellings, Clarke, possibly Rowbotham and Chapman or Peter Laker (Daily Mirror).

Australia 1965-66

Swanton, Woodcock, White, Melford, Rowbotham, Wooldridge, Taylor , Clarke, Wellings, Chapman, Richard Streeton (Reuters), Peter Smith (Hayters and Daily Sketch), with visits from Denis Compton (Sunday Express), Alf Gover (Sunday Pictorial), Jim Manning (Daily Mail), Johnston and Rostron.

MCC under-25 to Pakistan 1966-67

Alex Bannister and Peter Smith.

West Indies 1967-68

Swanton, Woodcock, Taylor, Wooldridge, White, Peter Smith, Wellings, Johnston, Ross, Streeton, Chapman, John Thicknesse (Evening Standard), with visits from Keith Miller (Daily Express), Alston, Compton, Blofeld (for Michael Melford, on rugby)


South Africa 1968-69 (Cancelled)

Most of the previous press party were due to tour. MCC arranged a short tour of Pakistan when the party was thought to have included Thicknesse, Wellings, Peter Smith, Bannister and White.